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Latest Updates Of Our Activities And Work 

August Activity-
31/ August/2014 Support a child monthly meeting held at Bataha sponsor studetns,The Avadh School students,Gannapurava Sponosred children.
The Avadh School Students meeting,

Saint Danile school students.
Saint Danile school students.

Bataha Centre
On 15 august 2014 Independence day 70 book sets sponsored by anonymous  donor donated  to Nai Roshini students.

15/08/2014 On Independence Day
A new initiative started on Independence Day at Nai Roshini School, Lucknow on that Day, a tree plantation program was carried out. Children of Nai Roshini school planted an Ashok plant.
Sonia  & Purnima Ma'am also the part of this plantation.

2nd August 2014, Astha Kiran Founder Miss Sonia Singh got the achievement !!
Sonia got The Girl Education &; Women safety award (Malala Award) by State Chief Minister Honorable Mr Akhilesh Yadav..
This program organized by Hindustan Daily Newspaper Lucknow. ..

Uttar Pradesh State Chief Minister Honorable Mr Akhilesh Yadav given award to miss Sonia Singh founder of Astha Kiran.

July Activity-
On 7/7/14 Ekta Foundation UK donated us a small school bus for our organization....
This is one of the greatest result of my hard work and dedication of my work.
We are very thankful to Ekta Foundation for this precious gift they given to our children


Begunahi Foundation  offered me to their advisory board members.

On 8/July/2014 We had organized an annual meeting of our Support A Child Project 2014-15.
Place- Simrti Park Indira Nagar Lucknow.
Present Students-35

2nd of july Begunahi Foundation sponsored our student Miss Artika Shukla for her BA degree.

June Activity-
Summer Camp certificate distribution by Begunahi Foundation Founder Mr Riaz Aziz & Delana Aziz.

May Activity-
31/May/2014,Our 4 Sponsored children secure 1st division in their intermediate examination. 
Our sucessful students who got 1st division in their 10th..
1. Miss Ansariya 73%
2. Mr Faizan (pcm) 70%
3. Mr Mumtaz 58%
4.Mr Gopi 60%.
Congratulations all children for their success ..

Under the Himmat Project-
On 26 May 2014 We had started 10 days beautician summer camp  for adolescent girls (Age 14 to 25 ). There were 30 girls participated in summer camp.Under the program girls learnt Face massage,manicure,Pedicure,Hair treatment,Makeup.
On 2 June USA Based foundation Begunahi visited our schools ie; Springdale Samajik Vidyalaya,Indira Nagar,Gannapurva Educational Centre,Nai Roshini School.
Begunahi Foundation USA founder visited our Springdale samajik vidyalaya,Indira Nagar,Lucknow.

Begunahi Foundation USA founder visited our Gannapurva educational centre,Lucknow.

Certificate ditribution by Begunahi Foundation USA Founder.
Nai Roshini school visit by Begunahi Foundation founder.

We had distributed summer camp beautician certificate  by founder of Begunahi foundation,Mr Riaz aziz & Delana aziz.

On 6 of June we had distributed certificate

3 Months Donation details of NAI ROSHINI PROJECT.
Nai Roshini(A School for underprivileged Girl Children)

26 January to 30 April 2014.

Contribution Details-
24 January 2014 . Mrs .Sudha Sinha RS 10,000/-
26 January 2014. Anonymous Rs 5000/-
10 February 2014 Miss Muskaan 1000/-
11 February 2014 Mr Sharad & Richa 10000/-
13 February 2014 Mr.Virendra Kumar Saxena 5000/-
18 February 2014 Mr Sunil & Mrs Parul 5000/-

Astha Kiran very thankful to all donors for supporting our New effort Nai Roshini.
Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.
All Team of Astha Kiran

February 2014
Donor Act For Nai Roshini Project.
 Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.
Astha Kiran Nai Roshini project got Kind Support of RS/- 5000 by our kind sponsor Mrs.Parul S Kumar & Mr.Sunil .
Thank You Parul Ma'am & Sunil Sir.

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”
Astha Kiran Nai Roshini project got Kind Support of RS/- 10,000 by our kind sponsor Mr.Sharad Yadav & Richa ma'am .
Heartiest Thank You Sharad & Richa Ma'am.

"Give back in some way. Always be thoughtful of others"
Astha Kiran Nai Roshini project got Kind Support of RS/- 5,000 by our kind sponsor Mr.Virendra Kumar Saxena Sir!
Heartiest Thank You Virendra Sir!

Donated Sweaters to our Nai Roshini girls.
On 22 February Mrs.Mamta Kumar one of Astha Kiran Sponsor ,donated 10 sweaters to our Nai Roshini Project girls.
Thank you Mamta Ma'am !

Birthday Celebration with our Nai Roshini Girls.
  10-02-2014 A little girl Muskaan and her family celebrated her birthday with our Nai Roshini Girls..
She had gifted, Books,Pencils,Erasers,Candies and sweets to Nai roshini's girls.

Thank you Muskaan and her Family for support Nai Roshini's girls.

Sponsor Act!
On 9 february Our new venture ,Nai Roshini got Nai Safalta,It is possible because of our Ma'am !
Our Sponsor Mrs Sudha Sinha donated School bags, School dresses,Puppet Barbie Dolls and lunch to our 25 Nai Roshini's girl children..

We are heartfelt thank to all Sinha family who provided us the very needy material to our needy 25 girl students of Nai Roshini.

January 2014 Activity

26 January (Republic day) Nai Roshini Project Started (A school for underprivileged girl children)

We Believe "Educate the girl ,Educate the world" Keep this point in the mind of Astha kiran,We are presenting new project Nai Roshini (A School For Underprivileged Girls form Age 5 to 14 ) On the occasion of 26 January The Republic day,we have started this project with 25 needy girls. In the initial stage of the project, We have start educating among 25 underprivileged girls.

We are running our all projects from the support of individual sponsors and friends ..we have not associated with any funding agency...So here we appeal to all people, who want to do something good for the needy girls education...They come up and join our this project..any kind of support will be motivated and give strength to us...

Donor Act!
Our Source of strength....Our Sponsor Purnima Prakash and one anonymous Person ..They have donated Stationery material for three months of our new initiative Nai Roshini project.
Thanks both of you for the support..

December 2013 Activity  
8 December 2014
Sponsor's visit....
Mr.Kanishk came to our centres and try to understand our work and situation of children in our educational centres.He spent time with our children and gave suggestion,children were happy to meet him..
Thank you Mr. Kanishk Singh for coming our centres.

5 November(Children Day)
The Bal Meal Fete organized by Spring Dale college on 14 November (Childre's Day) samajik vidyalaya set up the Hoopla game (Ring game)Stall in the fete.All children had a great fun on this day.

Diwali masseage from the founder of Astha kiran Sonia Singh

 On Diwali festival Astha kiran celebrated this festival with 50 poor families at Ringroad Slum and there we have distributed sweets and candles to the basti's family and children...Purnima Prakash, Ashish singh and Abha Gautam given helping hands in this celebration.I thank to them that they have come to me and celebrated Diwali with these families.

I (Sonia Singh) sharing my feeling that when i went to this slum i have found every where darkness,sadness,quietness,we generally know the Diwali is the festival of light but here i did not see any kind of celebration,nobody think of these families now a days people's thinking is shrinking,they only think them-self,This is not the good sign.we will have to change this thinking in the society.anyway!

when i start talking with families and given candles and lightening their houses,gradually the darkness turned into the lightness and everybody start celebrating Diwali with us.children were dancing ,burning candles having sweets.This was a happiest moment of my life.i will never forget to say thanks for those people who donated me sweets,candles for these needy families.You people are not just given candles,sweets,you sent them happiness and this is priceless.

Thank you supporter!

I am so touched and feeling so good that god has given me this opportunity to celebrate Diwali with these needy families.Hope i will keep on doing this regularly
Thank to God Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi.
Happy Diwali to all my Friends,Well-wishers and every one who know me.

November Activity

An article published in news paper. 
Nav Bharat Times published our Anti Cracker Rally news in Paper.
Hindustan Times has published news of our rally in its News Paper.

Date 1/11/2013
We have organized ANTI-CRACKER RALLY.Our theme of the rally was "SAY NO TO CRACKER,LET"S CELEBRATE GREEN DIWALI"

There were 60 underprivileged children had participated in the rally,besides of this we also organized signature campaign in the rally..and there were 200 persons singed and took pledge that they will not burn cracker in this Diwali.

The rally started with the presence of MRS Juhie Singh,she came to the rally and given message (NO Crackers in Diwali) to our 60 children,and distributed toffees to our children .they also took pledged that she will not burn cracker and she will celebrate green Diwali.she singed the signature board.
Dr Sandeep Pandey also came to our rally and took pledge that he will not burn the Cracker in Diwali.

We thank to Juhie Ma'am And Sandeep Bhai came to our rally and motivated our children.

Our Guest Mrs Juhie Singh in the Anti Cracker rally.
Signature Campaign started with Juhie Didi in the rally.
Dr Sandeep Pandey and Sonia Singh in the rally

October Activity

An article published in News Paper next day Star Plus  Presents "Hindustan Times Anokhee Event"

Date 23-10-2013
 I got a chance to go to the Star Plus  Presents "Hindustan Times Anokhee Event" In the event i appealed to every women who attended the program,that they must celebrate the Diwali with needy children and their family,they must donate sweets,candles,New clothes to their family,If god has given them ability to donate.This will make them happy,and god will send u happiness on the behave of this doing!!
I also appealed to everyone ,That in this Diwali they do not burn carkers,celebrate the green Diwali.
Because We can only to care our environment not god!
so Lets take the pledge to celebrate green and happy Diwali.

19th October 2013 The Red-brigade (A Self Defence girls group of Lucknow)has organized the event of self defence for girls at HAL,Lucknow and there they have Distributed free Pepper Sprey for girls.
Astha Kiran's 6 adolescent girls had participated the event.

Thanks to Red-brigade to invited our girls and given Papper sprey to protect them in difficult situation.

Related Pics

The Children Work shop organised by Engineering Student of AMITY COLLEGE.

Two days Masti with crunch workshop organised by Amity college engineering students(Date-18,19 september 2013)
4 students of Amity college(pursuing B-tech) Mr Vishwam,Anand,Shubham had come and organized workshop for our 60 underprivileged children.
They had taught to children about good habits,Harms of tobacco,Good Behaviors to others,Personality development and played many games.
Here the related photos.

                                                         GREAT GALA TIME!

Grey Parrot Publishers has partnered with Astha Kiran for its ambitious budding Art talent hunt.

Grey Parrot is working on a unique book project wherein some art work has been planned. And this work is going to be visualized and delivered by the learners at Astha Kiran’s various centers. Senior Artist Mr. Rajiv Tiwari is leading the project. He has designed a creative and easy to grasp selection and training process for these bubbling art talents.Started with open painting and drawing competition, the process has reached to next level today.

Mr. Tiwari announced the result and an event was organized at Astha Kiran’s Bhavishya Academy (Formal School). Gifts, cakes, pizzas, colors and an informal but telling fun class to understand the process of painting made the event fabulous and unforgettable.

Chosen children are now looking forward to the next level of learning art and kissing the bouts of unusual fun. Cheers!!

Abha Gautam Class 8 made this drawing.
Kavita Sonia Class 6 Made this drawing.

2 October 2013,On the Occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and our well-wisher Miss Purnima Ma'am's Birthday,we have celebrated both birthday's with our cildren, at Bataha Centre and Gannapurva Centre.
She have given lunch to our 55 children in two educational centres.

At Bataha centre.
At Gannapurva Centre

September Activity

Food Charity
Date 17/09/2013
ON the occasion of our volunteer ma'am Mrs Sudha Sinha's garnd daughter birthday,she had given lunch to our 40 children at Bataha Centre.

Our children are sending their wishes to the ma'am daughter ..
Happy birthday to you the girl!!may god bless her...


 Teacher's Day celebrated with our chilren

August Activty

Support a child students august meeting.
In the meeting we took the progress of children acadmic and we got all children attendence is good they are regular and doing hard work in their studies.In meeting there were 20 children were present.

The Independence Day Celebrated in our all educational centres.
Gannapurva educational centre.
Bhavishya Academy.

Nav Bharat Times (News Paper)Published an article of our work and future endeavour..
Sponsor's Visit
Mrs.Anu Pant met her sponsored child Rahul class 6th ,school name Farmative Day school.
In the school visit she tried to know Rahul's academic progress.she is satisfied about the progress of her sponsored child.

We are very thankful to you for the visit and thinking of our needy children.

Mr Nitesh Dixit's Family visited our Bataha educational and met their sponsored children.
Our children are so happy to met them and awaiting their next meeting again.
Thanks to all member of Dixit's family for visiting our centre and children.


Bhavishya Academy : A project of slum children education of Astha Kiran, Lucknow, India.

In The month of may 5th the free summer camp for underprivileged children  has been organized by the Astha kiran at Bhavishya Academy.
Objective of the camp- To mativated and developed educational  interest in children' mind.
There are several activities done in the camp like Art competition ,Craft competition ,Yoga,Self defense for girls,Dance competition,writing competition,Cricket Match etc.
135 children were attended the camp with interest. 
Many prizes given to children by individual sponsors.
Champak Child contest also held in the camp.Six winner won the prizes by Champak Magzine.

Related Photo of the camp.
Assembly time
Art Competition
Art Competition
Champak Child contest 2013
Champak Child contest winners.

Children happ with champak comics.
Dance Competition.
Prize distribution
Camp Winners.
Cricket match.
Craft Work.
Our Banner.
Self Defense Class By Ravi Sir.
Yoga Class

Astha kiran has registered FCRA (foreign contribution regulation Act,2010)
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